Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate

Drone Policy

Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule. Effective August 29, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (the "FAA") adopted the Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (the "SUAR") regarding the commercial use of Small Unmanned Aircraft ("drones"). A primary purpose of GNR's Drone Policy is to ensure that Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estates ("GNR"), its salespersons and its suppliers are, and remain, in compliance with the SUAR.

Notice to the drone operator. Use of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (a "drone") in furtherance of GNR's brokerage activities is prohibited, without a notice having been given to the drone operator (the "Operator") that the use of the drone must be in compliance with this Policy. The notice shall read, as follows:

"Notice to Providers of Drone Services"
Your undertaking to provide drone services for GNR or for a client or customer of GNR is subject to the following conditions, which conditions, as applicable to GNR, cannot be waived except by a written waiver signed by an officer of GNR. The Operator shall be in receipt of: (a) (i) a current remote pilot's certificate with a SUAR rating or (ii) a current pilot's license and have successfully completed the required training courses, and (b) liability insurance coverage in the minimum annual amounts of $500,000 / $1,000,000 for personal injury damages and $50,000 for property damage. If the drone services involve a third-party, e.g., a property owner, the written consent of the third-party must first be obtained before the services are performed.

In the event that personal injury or damage to property (other than damage to the drone) results from the operation of a drone while it is being used in furtherance of GNR's brokerage activities (an "incident"), the Operator shall report, in writing, the details of the incident to the person at GNR with whom the Operator was dealing within 2 days after learning of the incident.